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Important to know in Birthday invitation

 Birthdays happened only once in a year that’s why many people want it to be memorable and the hardest part here is not how you can make an invitation but how you will contact your colleagues and relatives. Inviting now can be easy through the help of internet but first of all, celebrants need to consider the following;

  1. Birthday is about celebration so it’s good to start your words with “you’re invited to the birthday celebration of (name of the celebrator)”.
  • Since you will send it through email, Facebook messenger or even posted it, make it one page or if you want you can make it two pages and not more than that. You can also write quotation and/funny exclamation to stand out from crowd.
  1. Don’t forget to include important information’s like its place, what time will it start and the date of celebration. You can write it down below or at the lower part of the paper as an ending remark of the invitation.
  2. Inform your guest what kind of birthday party it is. If it’s a kid birthday party, the children should wear something related to the theme and if for 18th birthday, gowns and coat with bow or tie. It’s important to know so they will feel that they really being part of your day.
  3. If the birthday celebration is catering whether it will be held at your house or in a reception, ask those people you invite to confirm if they can make it or not. If the answer is maybe, list it as a yes, so whether they will attend or not you’re still prepared.
  4. The invitation should be posted or send 1 month before it happens.

Things to know either you make it on your own or you hire a planner/designer;

  1. Find the perfect templates for your invitations; you can search on the internet for better ideas of what you want.
  2. Find the perfect image, its letter font size, the color of your invitation that should complement each other. Adding your photo is depend on you but not necessarily needed.
  • Find the right words, this should be all related to what will happen and be specific. You can follow the instruction above on what to write.
  1. Before posting, sending or even printing, make sure to review first so you can know if an error occurs.
  2. Whether invitation for birthdays or not, we must know its proper size. This should not be too big or too small.

Not only invitations written can be used since this is an online invitation, you can make a photo video slides or just you inviting them at your birthday, this should also be like a written invitation where you will tell them all the information needed and it can be more personal (you can say a name) but it takes time to finish it. Although you invited them through online it’s good to give them invitation during or after the party for more formalization. Invitacion de cumpleaños online is the easiest way to get them contacted.