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Simple Guidelines in Buying Action Figures

Are you one of those adults who are fond of collecting action figures? But what are action figures? For those who are not aware of what it is, the action figure is a small-scale representation of a person or a fictional character that can be posed.  One of the most well-known figures today is the figuras juego de tronos.

The game of thrones is an American Fantasy drama series that is premiered on HBO last April of 2011. From the moment that it hit the television, it has garnered many viewers and has attained an exceptionally broad and active international fan base. Due to these many action figure creators has come up with the idea of creating action figures for the popular game.

If you are a collector looking for figuras juego de tronos online or on actual markets, you should abide by the following:

  1. The Origin or Genre of the Figure.

You must know the source of the figures, for figuras juego de tronos it is a hit TV series. Knowing the genre of the action is essential for collectors like you because it generalized your framework in collecting.

  1. The Condition of the Action Figure.

For a collectibles item, the action figure should not be removed in the box. Because it can decrease the figures value with the consumers, although it is a rare item it will still have a low rate for it is not carefully taken care of. The next decision you should take in buying action figures is that if you are going to purchase a new one or a second-hand action figure. If you are on a budget, you could go for second-hand figures and save yourself some money from a new one. But as you go for second-hand figures you should carefully check the condition of the item to ensure that it is not being sold due to its blemishes or damages.

  1. The Grading of the action figure.

Collectors like you must be using various scales in order to assess a potential figure. We are aware that in the Collector Action Figures, a “C-Scale” runs from C10 mint, C9-C10 near mint to C1 very poor. This is the condition of the figures plastic bubble. For the action figure to qualify for C9-C10 near mint, it should have the following characteristics:

  • It should have no yellowing and no crushing.
  • It should have very minimal dings and should be barely unnoticeable.
  • It should be clear or the parts are completely attached.
  • It should not have any severe malformation or cracks.
  1. The Rarity of the Action Figure.

In the market Action Figures has the following range:

  • The Regular A
  • The Chase A
  • The Super Chase
  • The Variant A
  • The Custom Figures

These ranges of rarity id important on your part as a collector because this will determine the amount of money you have to pay for a piece of action figure and the owner is the only one who has a say in this matter.