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The Main Differences Between Crane Pose and Crow Pose


f you have already spent some time practicing yoga at home or with an instructor in a facility, then you already are having several different poses on your mind which you want to already be able to try out and be successful in them. If you are practicing with an instructor then you certainly will have all of the knowledge and recommendations in order to be successful in any type of yoga pose during your practice. After all, you are paying the specialist to teach you how to do all of the different yoga poses depending on your level of experience. However, if you are at home and you are doing it all on your own, then you have probably reached the moment when you want to be successful in the crane pose and the crow pose but you are wondering what the differences between these two are.

It is really possible that you have been told that these two poses are absolutely the same and there are no differences. On the other hand, depending on your teacher you may have been instructed to do particular parts of the exercises differently for each of these poses such as different directions of the shin, as well as knee placements, as well as have your feet together during squatting or apart on the same level as the width of your hip, and so on. This can be quite confusing and there is no doubt that you want to understand how to correctly perform the crane pose and the crow pose without any more confusion. There are a lot of similarities in the two poses and in fact they are the same but the main difference is in the location of the elbows. The elbows in the crane pose need to be straight and in the crow pose need to be bent. You may be wondering if there is such a small difference then why are these poses accepted as two separate ones. Crow pose is the pose which people are taught in order to learn easily the crane pose. It is a preparation for this pose, because the crow pose is easier due to the flexibility of the bent elbows. The crane pose is not that easy and you need to have a higher gravity center of your body in order to be successful.

There are different tips that you can also have in mind as you are trying to perfect both of these poses. It is very important to have your fingers set wide in order to have a larger contact point with the ground and more stability. You should also keep your eyes straight ahead and only look forward, because it helps with your concentration and mind preparation. It could be quite useful as well to place a blanket or a pillow in front of yourself in order to avoid any face injuries, especially if you are trying these poses for the first time.